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Types of Demolition Services

DEMOLITION refers to the tearing down of buildings or other structures - the opposite of construction.
Fast Forward Demolition
performs a variety of types of demolition in the Southern California area, including:
Complete removal of all or a portion of a larger building structure. We perform building demolition typically using excavators and/or other larger equipment like track loaders working together with skid-steer loaders to help separate materials for recycling.

Removal of items like sidewalks, trees, landscaping, parking lot paving, base, curbs and gutters. Fast Forward performs most large site demolition jobs using machines like loaders and excavators except in work sites with limited access. We complete smaller jobs and those with limited access using skid-steer loaders, backhoes, skip loaders or mini excavators.


Removal of the interior build-out of a commercial or industrial building or parts of a residence. The items removed include doors and frames, t-bar ceilings, drywall ceilings, light fixtures, millwork, bathroom fixtures, carpet, VCT, tile, drywall walls, and interior partitions, roofing, HVAC units and ducting. We perform this type of demolition by hand in facilities with limited access, noise, exhaust and floor loading restrictions. Fast Forward will perform this type of demolition with machines whenever possible to speed removals - if they can safely be used inside the work site.
Removal of selected parts of a building or structure. This removal may include soft or hard demolition.

Removal of items like walls made of brick, block or concrete, slabs and footings, structural steel framing or complete buildings or structures made from these items. Fast Forward performs hard demolition using concrete cutting and removal, jackhammer crews, torch crews, skid-steer loaders with breakers, Brokk remote-controlled demolition equipment, backhoes with breakers, or excavators with breakers, shears or pulverizers.

MATERIAL REUSE AND RECYCLING is an important part of a demolition job. Prior to a demolition job we plan for the reuse and recycling of the maximum amount of material we can safely and economically perform. Some items can be reused in the new building or can be salvaged for reuse in others before we start the main scope of demolition. During demolition we separate some materials onsite to be taken to facilities for reuse, recycling or reprocessing. We take other mixed demolition debris to a construction and demolition debris recycling facility where the material is separated and diverted to many beneficial uses.