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Current and Recent Demolition Projects

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Rudolp & Sletten Cal-Poly Pomona Library Pomona Hard Demolition $463,000.00 Feb-06 May-08
Tower Construction Laborer's Local 300 Los Angeles Hard Demolition $90,600.00 Apr-11 May-11
DPR Construction Herbalife Lake Forest Hard & Soft Demolition $199,500.00 Jul-10  
Bayley Construction Disney Tomorrowland
Star Tours II
Anaheim Hard & Soft Demolition $95,500.00 Jul-10  
Kemp Bros Amtrak Maintenance Facility Los Angeles Hard Demolition $115,500.00 Feb-10  
Hathaway Dinwiddie Cedar Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles Hard Demolition $197,500.00 Nov-09  
SC Builders Sony - Naughty Dog TI Santa Monica Soft Demolition $156,500.00 Aug-09 Mar-10
Ace Engineering Harbor UCLA Medical Center Torrance Hard Demolition $44,000.00 Oct-09  
MG Mako VA Hospital Building 300 Back Loading Dock Los Angeles Hard Demolition $47,000.00 Jun-09 Mar-10
Pankow Pitzer College Benson Auditorium Claremont Hard & Soft Demolition $155,500.00 Jun-09 May-10
Turner Construction Los Angeles Coliseum Entrance 8 Elevator Los Angeles Hard Demolition,
Excavation & Backfill
$62,000.00 Apr-09 Nov-09
CW Driver DreamWorks Lakeside Annex Addition Glendale Hard & Soft Demolition $200,500.00 Jan-09 May-10
Tower General Contractors Gibson Amphitheatre Universal City Soft Demolition $103,000.00 Jan-09 Sep-09
Tower General Contractors Huntington Hospital Emergency Department Pasadena Hard & Soft Demolition $685,000.00 Sep-08  
McCarthy Construction Saint Jude Medical Center
Phase 2
Fullerton Hard & Soft Demolition $106,500.00 Jul-08 Apr-10
Tower General Contractors LAX Theme Building Los Angeles Hard & Soft Demolition $155,000.00 Aug-08 Jun-10
Rudolp & Sletten Century Towers CPT HVAC Plant Los Angeles Hard & Soft Demolition $469,000.00 Jul-08  
DPR Construction Mattel Design Center El Segundo Hard & Soft Demolition $344,000.00 Jun-08 Jun-09
Whiting - Turner Kaiser Ontario Central Utilities Plant Ontario Hard Demolition $244,500.00 Apr-08 Jul-10
McCarthy Construction Providence Holy Cross Mission Hills Hard & Soft Demolition $264,000.00 Mar-08 Jul-09
DPR Construction Good Shepherd Cemetery Huntington Beach Site Demolition $127,000.00 May-08 Feb-09
McCormick Construction Deluxe Film Processing & Printing Hollywood Building, Site & Selective Demolition $400,000.00 Jan-08  
Tower General Contractors Beverly Hills City Hall Beverly Hills Hard Demolition $153,000.00 Nov-07 Jan-09
KEMP Brothers Construction Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital Valencia Hard & Soft Demolition $124,000.00 Nov-07 Apr-10
DPR Construction Kaiser South Bay Harbor City Hard & Soft Demolition $197,500.00 Sep-07 Jan-09
Whiting - Turner Kaiser Ontario Ambulatory Ontario Hard & Soft Demolition $113,500.00 Aug-07 Oct-08
DPR Construction David Allan Hubbard Library Pasadena Building, Site & Selective Demolition $300,000.00 Jul-07 Jun-09
DPR Construction Corporate Pointe @ West Hills West Hills Building, Site & Selective Demolition $164,000.00 Jul-07 Apr-09
DPR Construction Kaiser Palm Court 2 Fontana Hard & Soft Demolition $176,500.00 Jun-06 Feb-07
Turner Construction Amgen Site Development Thousand Oaks Site Demolition $406,500.00 Jun-06 Oct-08
Synergetics, Inc. Gower Studio 6 Story Hollywood Hard Demolition $240,500.00 May-06 Nov-08
Illig Construction IBEW Local 18 Building Los Angeles Building & Site Demolition $67,500.00 Apr-06 Nov-07
Swinerton Builders USPS-Santa Clarita Santa Clarita Steel Demolition $221,000.00 Apr-06 Jun-08
ARB Structures, Inc. Multi - Modal Parking Structure Los Angeles Building & Site Demolition $59,000.00 Feb-06 Mar-06
DPR Construction Walnut Village Anaheim Building & Site Demolition $330,500.00 Feb-06 Apr-06
PCL Construction Hollywood Galaxy Theatre Parking Structure Hollywood Hard Demolition $780,000.00 Aug-05 Dec-05
Turner Construction Amgen Building 99 Thousand Oaks Hard & Soft Demolition $237,000.00 Jun-05 Jan-08
McCarthy Huntington Hospital West Tower Pasadena Hard & Soft Demolition $513,500.00 Jun-05 Sep-07
McCormick Construction Grand Glendora County Services Glendora Hard & Soft Demolition $250,000.00 Jul-05 Jan-06
Turner Construction WPP @ The Water Gardens Santa Monica Soft Demolition $120,000.00 Dec-04 Feb-05
Warner Constructors Grips Building Renovation Burbank Hard & Soft Demolition $165,000.00 Aug-04 Dec-10
Synergetics JATC Training Facility City of Industry Hard & Soft Demolition $202,500.00 Jun-04 Nov-04
EG Bowen San Marino High School San Marino Hard & Soft Demolition $191,060.00 Jun-04 Apr-06
Swinerton Builders Manhattan Beach Fire & Police Facility Manhattan Beach Site Demolition $75,500.00 Mar-04 Apr-06
Turner Construction National Center for Preservation of Democracy Los Angeles Selective Demolition $264,000.00 Nov-03 Jan-06
KPRS Ontario City Library Ontario Hard & Soft Demolition $236,000.00 Nov-03 Dec-05
DPR Construction Huntington Library -
Virginia Steele
San Marino Hard & Soft Demolition $41,500.00 Oct-03 Dec-03
DPR Construction Apple Store - Santa Monica Santa Monica Hard & Soft Demolition $60,000.00 Mar-03 Jul-03
Swinerton Builders Accelerated School Los Angeles Building, Site & Selective Demolition $437,500.00 Jun-02 Jan-05
Swinerton Builders SEIU Local 660 Los Angeles Soft Demolition $229,500.00 Nov-01 Sep-03
Kajima Construction 360 Networks - 4th floor Los Angeles Hard Demolition $78,500.00 Sep-00 Mar-02
Dinwiddie Construction Carpenters Trust Los Angeles Soft Demolition $263,500.00 Feb-00 Feb-01
Rudolph & Sletten Biosense Webster Irwindale, CA Hard & Soft Demolition $100,000.00   1999
Swinerton & Walberg Co. Sony Studios - Property B Culver City Hard & Soft Demolition $173,000.00   1998
Swinerton & Walberg Co. Prudential Insurance Los Angeles Soft Demolition $530,000.00   1997
ARB Inc. Anheuser Busch Brewhouse Addition Van Nuys Hard Demolition $55,000.00   1997
Dinwiddie Construction Co. Amgen Buildings 36 & 37 Thousand Oaks Soft & Hard Demolition $125,000.00   1996
Brinderson Construction Kaiser Earthquake Upgrade Hollywood Hard & Soft Demolition $72,500.00   1995
Swinerton & Walberg Co. Beaudry Center Renovation Los Angeles Soft Demolition $300,000.00   1994